Conveyor Pulley

We produce drive pulley, bend pulley, tail pulley, Electric pulley manufacturer from China since 1996. Our brand is very famous in China and we support OEM and customer made service.Our conveyor pulley products working life is more than 30000 hours.
  • Rubber Lagging Conveyor Pulleys

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    Rubber Lagging Conveyor Pulleys

    The rubber lagging conveyor pulley is a new type of driving device that places the motor and the reducer together inside the conveyor electric pulley body. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyors, replacing traditional motors, and the speed reducer is a separate... Read More

  • Conveyor Drive Pulley

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    Conveyor Drive Pulley

    The conveyor drive pulley is composed of pulley, frame, transmission system, control system, legs, driving device and other components. It has strong conveying capacity, high operating efficiency, flexible drum rotation, low energy consumption, low noise, stable transmission... Read More

  • Ceramic Lagging Pulley For Conveyors

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    Ceramic Lagging Pulley For Conveyors

    Ceramic lagging pulley for conveyors specifications: 1) High abrasion-resistant 2) Highly improved coefficient of fraction 3) On-site installation Application: 1) Extremely effective even in poor working conditions 2) conveyor ceramic lagging pulley and Drive and tail pulley... Read More

  • Conveyor DriveTail Pulley

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    Conveyor DriveTail Pulley

    Introduction: The Belt Conveyor Bend Drive Tail Drum Pulley can be divided into two categories: Driving pulley (head pulley) and averting pulley (tail pulley). Driving pulley is the main part for transmitting the power and there are two kinds of pulley sets: Smooth surface... Read More

  • Lower Price Belt Conveyor Drum Pulley Made In China

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    Lower Price Belt Conveyor Drum Pulley Made In China

    Conveyor pulley stays at two ends of belt machine. To drive the belt to hand the material and to change the belt running direction. Conveyor pulley is very important parts on Belt Conveyor, it guide the belt running. Read More

  • Conveyor Bend Pulley

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    Conveyor Bend Pulley

    Conveyor bend pulley is a part for belt conveyors, Which used in mining, ports, metallurgy, coal, electric power and chemicals. Shunda brand pulley working life can be more than 30000 hours. Read More

  • Conveyor Tail Pulley

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    Conveyor Tail Pulley

    Conveyor tail pulley is the main part to convey driving force. Shunda brand Conveyor tail pulley is divided into light sized, middle sized and heavy sized pulley. The diameter varies from 500mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1400mm, 1600mm.We can provide different shaft... Read More

  • Motorized Conveyor Belt Drive Pulley

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    Motorized Conveyor Belt Drive Pulley

    Driving pulley(head pulley) is the main part for transmitting the power. It can be devided into light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Read More

  • Mining Belt Conveyor Pulley

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    Mining Belt Conveyor Pulley

    Conveyor pulley is a important part of belt conveyors. Conveyor pulleys are essential components for belt conveying machine, to meet the requirement for bulk material's handling with long-distance, high-speed and large-capacity character. Read More

  • Mining Machine Belt Conveyor Pulley

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    Mining Machine Belt Conveyor Pulley

    Belt conveyor pulley is a cylindrical conveying accessories, driving drum (drive drum) and driven drum. Widely used in transmission systems such as circular screen printing machine, conveying equipment, papermaking and packaging machinery. It is usually made of seamless steel... Read More

  • Lagging Belt Conveyor Drive Pulley For Heavy Duty

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    Lagging Belt Conveyor Drive Pulley For Heavy Duty

    The lagging Belt conveyor drive pulley heat vulcanization rubber is the traditional conveyor pulley rubber coating process in China. It mainly uses the high temperature vulcanization process to vulcanize the unvulcanized wear-resistant rubber sheet covering the surface of the... Read More

  • Conveyor Steel Pulley For Industry

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    Conveyor Steel Pulley For Industry

    Conveyor steel pulleys can be divided into three categories based on different load: light type, normal type and heavy type. Large torque pulley is made from the turbine and cast welded steel structure. The connection between pulley and shaft can be key jointed structure or... Read More

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