The belt conveyor consists of conveyor belts, rollers, rollers and pulleys, brackets,brakes, loading, unloading, and cleaning devices. We supply whole belt conveyor for sale. Shunda brand conveyor could supply after sale service. Type:B350 - B1600
  • Coal Handling Fixed Belt Conveyor

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    Coal Handling Fixed Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyors can be widely used in coal, mining , metallurgical , ports and wharf, chemical, petroleum and mechanical industry, to transport various kinds of bulk materials and mass materials. Bulk material such as coal,lime stone,iron ore and clean coal,etc.. Read More

  • Good Quality Mobile Belt Conveyor

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    Good Quality Mobile Belt Conveyor

    SD type mobile belt conveyor is suitable for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk materials or articles. Steel structure, lightweight and beautiful, good maneuverability. Read More

  • DT75 Material Handling Conveyor

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    DT75 Material Handling Conveyor

    TD75 type fixed belt conveyor is a general purpose conveyor equipment, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power, metallurgy and other departments, transporting various bulk, granular, powdery bulk density of 6.5 ~ 2.5t/m3 Such loose... Read More