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A tensioning device for the conveyor belt
Oct 21, 2018

A tensioning device for the conveyor belt!

The conveyor belt tensioning device shall have sufficient travel time to accommodate the fluctuation of acceleration or deceleration without the tensioning device touching the baffle. The tensioning device shall also have a number of "usable" storage conveyor belts, so that in the event of a failure it is not necessary to use two connectors to access a portion of the conveyor belt. In addition, the tensioning stroke should be adapted to the change in the length of the conveyor belt due to elongation or contraction. Any change in length that can not be restored can be easily eliminated before the final vulcanized joint is made. Start or brake mode. The tension stroke required for direct start and braking is much larger than that for controlled acceleration or deceleration braking. The elongation and elongation characteristics of the conveyor belt used. Frequency of start and stop of full load conveyor belt.