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Crymophylactic Conveyor Belts for Cold Place Russia
Oct 17, 2018

Let me guide you to know more about crymophylactic conveyor belts : 

Product characteristics: 

Cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas are selected as the core, and the cover rubber is made of a mixture of natural rubber and succinate rubber. It has high elasticity, impact resistance, cold resistance, etc., and can be used at minus 40 °C. Normal use.

Technical index:

1, Cold resistant conveyor belt are according to the performance of cover rubber divided in to split type (H), Wear resistant type (D), General type(L).

2, According to cold resistant performance divided into C1 and C2 levels. 

C1 : Use an ambient temperature of -45c to -50c

C2: Use an ambient temperature of -60 to -50c

3, Specification of crymophylactic conveyor belts:

Core materials:EP100-600, NN100-600, ST600-ST6300

Belt width : 100mm - 2200mm

Layers:1-10 plies

Covering: Working face : 1.5-8.0mm , Non-working face : 1.5 - 4.5mm