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Five factors affect the life of the conveyor rubber belt
Sep 28, 2018

1.  The daily maintenance of conveyor rubber belt is the most important point. Does the enterprise maintain conveyor belt regularly and regularly. Are maintenance staff trained specifically?  Is it possible to deal with problems immediately, to deal with small problems, and to develop the habit of early discovery and early treatment.

2.  The tilt angle and transmission speed of the transmission line, is the entire transmission line scientific and reasonable?  Is the weight of the conveyer and the speed of the conveyor reasonable? Any conveyor rubber belt has clear regulations on transmission speed, and load-bearing capacity, if it is easy to damage the conveyor belt once the high heel.

3.  Transferred materials and environment, such as the change of transport materials, conveyor belt also choose to change? Or generally use a type of conveyor rubber belt, such as changes in the environment, hot days, winter to choose to replace rubber belt?

4, About conveyor frame, roller. The design and installation of roller, transmission frame design is reasonable? Whether the roller is arranged in the prescribed quantity, the specified location is arranged, which is conducive to the installation of a buffer device at the discharge port, and is the rotation speed of the roller reasonable?

5, the worker's operation habits, do you love the conveyor rubber belt? Whether follow the correct operation process to use the conveyor belt correctly?