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How to prevent damage to the conveyer belt?
Oct 11, 2018

In the lowest section of the entire conveyer belt line, due to the addition of some conveyer belt rollers, conveyor belt transport coal, and coal through the low-lying areas are not drooping due to the lack of rollers. 

Above the slot of the Anchorage, the roller will not be smashed because of the addition of a hook ring to fix the roller. The coal point guide tank and conveyor belt leather are lengthened, adding a net guide net of three meters to five meters. All loaders for the coal machine require a certain angle of tilt, because the buffer device is set below, do not throw large pieces of coal directly on the conveyor belt, to reduce the damage to the conveyer belt. 

Regular maintenance of conveyor, prone to problems in the area of frequent inspection, conveyor's normal operation can effectively improve the service life of conveyer belt. Four U-shaped rings can be made, and the four corners of the tensioning car can be fixed on the rails. This can effectively prevent the downward adjustment and will not prevent the conveyor belt from moving back and forth to adjust the tensioning of the conveyor belt.