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Importance of conveyor roller to conveyor belt
Oct 18, 2018

The flexibility of the conveyor roller has a great influence on the conveyor belt. If the roller is not flexible enough, it will cause friction to the conveyor belt, which will reduce the service life of the conveyor belt, and thus affect the transmission efficiency. There are many types such as intermediate shaft type, four-link type, vertical roller type, etc.. The principle is to use the stop or roller in the direction of the horizontal plane to turn the block or produce lateral thrust so that the belt is automatically centered to adjust the belt run. The roller supports the conveyor belt and supports the weight of the material. Therefore, conveyor roller which seems to be an obscure accessory, plays a powerful role. Moreover, when the flexibility of the roller is in question, when the rotation resistance coefficient is high, the entire belt conveyor system must pay more power, consume more electricity, and sometimes cause the belt to tear and the motor to burn. When it gets worse, it can start a fire. In addition, the conveyor belt in the occurrence of the problem of deviation, but also through conveyor roller to adjust.