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Installation of bearing seat for roller
Nov 19, 2018

The bearing seat is divided into: sectioned bearing seat, sliding bearing seat, rolling bearing seat, bearing seat with flange, outer spherical bearing seat and so on. The upper cover and base of the section bearing seat can be separated, and it mainly bears radial loads. It is suitable for adjusting roller bearings and adjusting ball bearings with cylindrical holes and conical holes. This kind of bearing seat is mainly used in metallurgy, mines, transportation systems, environmental protection equipment and so on.

Sliding bearing seats have strict standards in the industry. Sliding usually refers to the relative motion of the two surface speeds and/or directions on the friction side joint. Then this type of bearing seat certainly refers to a bearing seat that has this function. As the most common problem of bearing seat of roller accessories, wear phenomenon of bearing seat often occurs. What are the methods and processes of repair?

Repair methods: traditional methods generally use post-surfacing machining to repair, and surfacing will cause the surface of the components to reach a high temperature, causing deformation or cracks in the components, and obtaining dimensions through machining will result in a large extension of downtime. The use of Fushi Blue polymer composites for field repair has no thermal effect, and the thickness of the repair is not limited. The wear resistance of the product and the lack of concession of the metal material ensure that the repair site is 100 % in contact with each other. Reduce the impact vibration of the equipment, The possibility of avoiding wear. The method of spot repair and avoiding machine processing saves a lot of downtime and creates a huge production value for the enterprise.