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Introduction to the conveyor bend drum pulley
Nov 26, 2018

The conveyor bend drum pulley is mainly under the belt movement. If the belt transport direction is left, then the conveyor bend drum pulley is on the right side of the belt machine. The main structure is the bearing and steel cylinder. The drive roller is the active wheel of the belt machine. In terms of the relationship between the two, it is like the two wheels of the bicycle. The rear wheel is the drive roller drum pulley, and the front wheel is changed to the roller roller. There is no difference in the structure between the redirection roller drum and the drive roller drum. Both the spindle roller roller bearing and the bearing room form the main drive and the slave roller. 

Theconveyor bend drum pulley also known as the guide roller drum, is a common belt conveyor roller accessory, mainly used to change the direction of operation of the conveyor belt or to 

tighten the conveyor belt to increase its angle with the drive roller drum.