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Knowledge of heat-resistant conveyor belts
Dec 03, 2018

The heat-resistant conveyor belt should avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acids, bases, oils, organic solvents, etc.. Keep clean, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, do not try, roll into a coil to prevent folding, and should be turned every quarter during placement. The use of conveyor belts must avoid overloading, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the service life. The heat-resistant conveyor belt consists of a multi-layer rubber cotton canvas(polycotton cloth) or polyester canvas, which is covered with high-temperature or heat-resistant rubber and bonded together by high-temperature vulcanization. It is more suitable for transporting hot Coke, cement, slag and heat casting below 175 °C. Wait. Avoid the roller being covered by materials, resulting in a rotary failure, prevent leakage between the drum and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the active part of the conveyor belt, but not oil transmission belt, when the conveyor belt is partially damaged, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand, Avoid the belt from being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material to prevent it from cracking.

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