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Shunda brand large angle sidewall rubber conveyor belt introduction
Oct 26, 2018
sidewall conveyor belts.JPGLarge angle sidewall rubber conveyor belts are generally used in conjunction with corrugated rib conveyors. The angle of use is generally >=30 °C. It can also be used with conveyor belt conveyors. It is transported horizontally at short distances (there is usually no partition at this time).

The large angle sidewall rubber conveyor belt adopts a base belt and a rib with a groove of not more than 0.03, and a transverse partition (not required for horizontal conveyance), which is formed by two vulcanization.

The corrugated sidewall made by the two-vulcanization process have higher adhesive strength and better flexability than the similar products made by the adhesive cold-bonding process. The rubber sidewalls are not easily used during use, and the separators are cracked, peeled off, etc. Phenomenon can greatly extend the service life.