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The Reasonable Structure of conveyor bend pulley
Oct 11, 2018

The main role of the redirection conveyor bend pulley is to change the direction of the belt, change the drum structure to be reasonable, easy to choose, reliable performance, and long service life. 

Under normal conditions of use, it can be maintained for 3-5 years. The redirection drum can also play a deflationary role in the belt. The redirection conveyor bend pulley  is divided into two types of rollers, optical rubber and light steel, which are divided into light, medium and heavy series according to the structure. 

All conveyor pulleys are complete bearing seats and lubricated with grease. The roller shaft material adopts 45 steel, the bearing seat has cast iron cast steel, and the cylinder adopts welded parts. The first factor to consider when choosing to change to the drum is the width of the belt. 

According to the width of the belt, the drum can find a length that is consistent with the belt. The length is generally 600mm, 750mm, 950mm, 1150mm, 1400mm, etc.. It can also be based on customer needs. The wall thickness and bearing diameter of the drum are evenly distributed to the contact drum according to the weight of the conveyor, and the required load bearing for each drum is calculated, so as to determine the wall thickness and bearing diameter of the drum; 

The length of the conveyor bend pulley, the goods of different widths should be selected for the drum of the width, and under normal circumstances, the "conveyor + 50mm" should be used; The material and surface treatment of the drum are determined according to the different transportation environment. For example, a non-skid coated drum is coated with rubber on the surface of the original drum. Generally, the thickness of the rubber layer is 12mm.