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Vulcanization process for conveyor belts
Nov 14, 2018
Vulcanization process for conveyor belts.jpg

In satisfying the pressure is 1. 2 1. Under conditions of 5 MPa and temperature of 140C, thermal insulation of 40 min can eliminate internal stress and increase the adhesion strength. After vulcanization, it is forbidden to trim with stripping force. The conveyor belt joint should meet the requirements of clean, dry, fresh and active surface, and the conveyor belt should be promptly bonded after qualified surface treatment. The thickness is uniform and consistent, and the drying glue needs to remove volatilization and no bubbles. When buttoning the head should be aligned with the position at one time, and flatten the joint out of the air, seal, edge treatment. 

The three elements of the vulcanization process are temperature, pressure and time. The vulcanization reaction is the chemical reaction and physical action of the adhesive through solvent volatilisation, material condensation, crosslinking, etc., so that the adhesive becomes a solid and has a certain intensity process.  When the vulcanization is complete can the vulcanization effect meet the strength requirements.  Conveyor belt surface treatment of belt joints.