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About Conveyor Idler Seal Explaination
Oct 18, 2018

Resently, many customer asked us for conveyor roller seal, For now, we would like guide you know more about shunda company conveyor idler seal for your reference. Hope you can choose suitable type according to your requirement :

Roller seal material is divided into polyethylene and nylon. Polyethylene has low cost but relatively poor wear resistance. On the contrary, nylon materials have relatively high sealing costs, but high wear resistance(identification of nylon materials, seals can be put into water, sinking is nylon materials sealed, Floating on the surface is the seal of polyethylene material). According to the type of roller, the roller seal is divided into nearly ten types: TD75, DTII, TR, TK, QD80, SPJ, and so on.

The labyrinth seal is which the best seal we advise you to choose.