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Acid And Alkali Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt
Jul 18, 2016

Acid and alkali resistant fabric conveyor belt is a kind of acid-resistant and alkali medium corrosion conditions of work such as conveyor belts, mainly applied in continuous production of acid-alkali medium. It is acid and alkali medium corrosion, trenching and good, high productivity and relatively low cost, is a general purpose fabric conveyor belt that can't be replaced. Acid and alkali resistant fabric conveyor belts are widely used in acid and alkali medium related to the chemical industry and heavy industry.
Core structure of acid and alkali resistant fabric conveyor belt selection
Core to the overall framework materials-polyamide fibres or polyester fibers as the matrix, with good toughness, joint high tensile strength, good impact resistance.
Polyamide fiber
Polyamide fiber, United States known as nylon, nylon, my name called Cotton spandex fibers. Basic properties are as follows:
(1) high strength, good impact resistance.
(2) high elasticity, good fatigue resistance, rebound rate, 98%-100%, repeated deformation resistance after polyester;
(3) poor heat resistance, temperature rise, the fiber strength, heat resistance than polyester bad, heated at 150 ℃ 1h intensity 695;
(4) good resistance to abrasion than other fibers, and 4 times higher than the polyester;
(5) the light is poor, because the amide bond in the molecule susceptible to light and broken, leading to decreased with high degree of polymerization.