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Belt Conveyors System Idler Roller Bend Pulleys/Durms from China supplier
Nov 17, 2016


Belt Conveyors System Idler Roller Bend Pulleys/Durms from China supplier

Idler pulley is also called redirection pulley, it mainly change the conveyor belt run direction or clamp conveyor belt and make to increase to wrap angle of transmission roller.

Our products have compact structure, light weight, reliable performance
Beautiful shape Safe and convenient to use. In the harsh conditions, such as dust, wet muddy can still work normally.

1. Idler pulley Overview
As a key part on the belt conveyor, pulley should have high reliability. Our R & D center has improved pulley structure, reduced structural stress, increased life and reliability of the pulley by finite element analysis and optimizing calculation. Our idler pulleys are manufactured by specialized high-end equipment, and have been formed serialization and large-scale production.


2. Process Characteristics
a. Bearing uses SKF,  and other import brands, and shaft uses 40Cr material.

b. The material for barrel is cast welding structure, the material for end disc is ZG20Mn, and

the material for shell is 16Mn instead of Q235, which has superior performance, and ensures

shell quality and performance, so the pulley has large carrying capacity, and can effectively

reduce the temperature brittleness. The thickness of shell is increased with decreasing of the

wrap angle by ANSYS software analysis calculation.

c. Idler conveyor pulley Bearing house is split type, so bearings are easy to be maintained and replaced; and has

temperature measuring interface, which can install temperature sensor (PT100), conveyor pulley also has

centralized lubrication interface, you can set concentration drain hole if necessary, it is

convenient to lubricate and collect waste oil, environment protecting.

d. Rubber surface with suitable hardness and high wear-resistant casting plastic, or rubber tile

shell packs, or cold glue (high abrasion TIPTOP rubber sheet).The service life of the whole

idler drum pulley is more than 80,000 hours (excluding rubber surface).

3. On-site Application of Pully
The idler conveyor pully we produced has been used in metallurgy,mine,coal,ports,power plants, building

material industry and other fields.The product features large conveying capacity,low energy

consumption, continuous long-distance conveying, stable and reliable operation, low

pollution, simple configuration and low running cost.