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Cause Of Scar In Conveyor Belt
Nov 19, 2018

Conveyor belt thickness difference is too big which can made cause bright scar. Therefore, the thickness difference of the conveyor belt core and the thickness of the canvas joint should be controlled. The thickness of the impact and cover adhesive must be uniform, and each section of the process is inspected, so that the thickness of the blank is uniform as far as possible. The conveyor belt pad is too thick and the compression ratio is too small. Conveyor belt pad iron too thick raw strip thick to spend small, will also produce bright scars.  If the difference is too large, it may also cause the tape to empty, sponge and bubble.

Solution: Choose suitable conveyor belt cushion iron. When the heat-resistant conveyor belt is vulcanized, the billet is too small, and the gap between the raw belt and the mold frame is too large. Solution: change the lower gear or add the person to take the blank. Transmission tape is too plastic, or sticky is too large, when vulcanization creates a nest gas: If the transport tape adhesive is too large, when the flat plate vulcanization machine is molded, it is not easy to squeeze the air out, and often it will cause a nest gas. Bright, Therefore, the plasticity of the covered gum can not be too large, generally exceeding 0. The operation above 40 is not ideal, especially chloroprene. Due tthe poor viscosity of ethylene and butadiene glue. If the cover can be plasticized a little bit, there are few bright scars.