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Ceramic Conveyor Belt Cleaner for Mining
Nov 03, 2016

Ceramic Conveyor Belt Cleaner for Mining

Ceramic Conveyor Belt Cleaner for Mining Product Description

1. Ceramic Conveyor Belt Cleaner for Mining Product Overview

Primary Polyurethane Cleaner is installed on the surface of discharge pulley, which is positioned under the centerline of  pulley, and is adapted to the harsh operatin environment.

As the first stage of multistage cleaning system, the primary polyurethane cleaner can clear away most of the sticky materal on the belt. It is an excellent alternatives compared with general cleaner.

Unique design of this kind of belt cleaner can provide simple installation, Easy maintenance,and excellent cleaning effect.  

2. Ceramic Conveyor Belt Cleaner for Mining Process Characteristics

a. The scraper is made of polyurethane, especially for belt cleaners. Polyurethane has good flexibility, which can be well to eliminate vibration. Also it has a performance of excellent wear resistance, which can ensure that the scraper has a longer service life.

b. It has a spring automatic tension device, periodically pressing, which can achieve maintenance-free for a long time.

c. The scraper is solid and one-piece scraper, so the match between scraper and conveyor belt is more close.

d. The scraper is easy to be replaced, it only need to remove the pin on the side, and insert a new scraper, the entire process just takes a few minutes.

e. The match between scraper and conveyor belt is perfect.The width of scrape is designed according to the width of material, and the wear difference of the two ends is minimized. So it is more efficient. Addation, it has a long service life and excellent cleaning effect.

f. Easy installation. It can be easily mounted to a discharge funnel or open-top conveyor.

g. Easy maintenance,it can achieve quick visual inspection by automatic tension device, and can be adjusted to the optimum by adjusting the nut squeegee pressure, which is convenient and repeatable operation.