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Conveyor Belt And Roller Are Skid, How To Do?
Nov 26, 2018

People often encounter the situation which is the conveyor belt and roller are skid. Why? How to do? Baoding shunda rubber belts co.,ltd will guide you what should we do :

First, clean the belt and pulley, increase the center moment and increase the tension.

Second, check the first wheel and tail wheel, all replaced with plastic drum.

Third, select the pattern conveyor belt, increase the friction between the belt body and the drum.

Fourth, if the conveyor is long, hydraulic tensioning device can be used to tighten the conveyor belt.

Fifth, increasing speed has a serious impact on the life of the belt. It is recommended that this approach not be adopted. It is suggested that under the premise of adjusting belt tensioning force is not ideal, the angle of belt machine is relatively large, and the angle drum is added on the active drum to solve the problem of skid.

Sixth, in the case of ensuring the transmission effect to minimize the speed to reduce the loss, the direct result of lime is serious belt wear, increase the center distance and expand the diameter of the roller is the best way.