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Conveyor Belt In The Form Of Wear And Tear In Operation
Jul 18, 2016

Conveyor belt replaced the mainly due to wear, wear is generally divided into the following 3 forms:

1) conveyor belt vulcanizing joints wear is usually due to conveyor belt material than Vulcanized rubber layer at the joint wear and high or heat curing quality problems, resulting in curing of adhesive wear, exposing the wire core or nylon core, between the conveyor belt vulcanizing joints strength poses a serious threat.

2) conveyor belt at skirt parts wear

Due to conveying with Guide material device of skirt Board adjustment improper or Guide material skirt board design bad, will led to skirt Board in run in the wear conveying with, caused conveying with sides Shang rubber layer wear serious, whole article tape longitudinal run direction show rope core or nylon core, once rope core Alice up, very easy winding to supporting roll Shang, caused wire with off silk or tape of tear.

3) Center belt wear is caused by drop impact, due to the relatively fixed blanking of a funnel point, so parts of the conveyor belt to sustain the impact wear, resulting in serious abrasion of the conveyor belts running along the direction of the local, will also lead to the exposed steel cord wire removal or conveyor belt torn. Center for nylon tape is causing decreased, due to the bearing roller 3. ~4. Anteversion, hosts the rollers under the action of force, appears in the tape runs "stacked" dangerous phenomenon.

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