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Customized High Quality Rubber Belt for Elevator
Feb 19, 2017

Customized High Quality Rubber Belt for Elevator

Shunda Company Advantage
1. Plies: 1-10ply
2: Width: 400-2200mm
3. Thickness: 4-30mm
4. Working Temperature: 0 - 800C
5. Abrasion resistant & High Tensile Strength
6. ISO9001: 2008, SGS, Bureau Veritas Certificate.
7. More Than 30 years professional experience. (Since 1982)
8. International Standard: DIN, BS, AS, RMA, AS, JISK, SABS etc

Types of elevator rubber belt
Polyester conveyor belt, (EP)
Nylon conveyor belt, (NN)
Cotton conveyor belt, (CC)

Shunda Company are manufacturers and exporters of rubber conveyor belts in China. "SHUNDA" industrial conveyor belts constitute nylon/nylon (NN), polyester/nylon (EP), cotton/nylon (CN), cotton/cotton (CC). It has carcass with straight ply, stepped ply, reverse stepped ply, breaker ply and "edge-lock" where required.
A. Nylon/Nylon (NN) Carcass
Lower longitudinal elongation
Higher tensile strength
Good flexibility and troughability
Good resistance to mildew, moisture and rotting
Good resistance to edge wear
Excellent impact resistance
Unaffected by alkalies and weak acids
Suitable for conveying material over long distances
B. Polyester/Nylon (EP) Carcass
Besides having the advantages as listed for NN carcass belts, EP belts have the additional advantage of lower longitudinal elongation.
C. Cotton/ Cotton (CC) Carcass
Suitable for most applications
Good bonding for rubber
Good fastener holding properties


It used by the multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) bond canvas with a certain way, up and down the high-strength plastic cover, good wear-resistant flexible rubber.

Salient features of Industrial Elevator Rubber Belt are as follows:
Available in nylon & polyester fabric
Dimensionally Accurate
Easy to handle heavy loads
Simple Design
Please feel free to let us know if you need any technical information.

Polyester conveyor belt, (EP)
Nylon conveyor belt, (NN)
Cotton conveyor belt, (CC)
Sidewall conveyor belt (SW)
Steel Cord conveyor belt ( ST )
Chevron conveyor belt, (C5 C10 and C15)
Oil Resistance conveyor belt, (OR and MOR)
Hot Resistance conveyor belt, (HR)
Fire Resistance conveyor belt, (FR/PVC/PVG)
Heat Resistance conveyor belt, (HR/ FR)
Cold Resistance conveyor belts, (CR)
Pattern conveyor belt ( 30+ Moulds)
Metal Mesh conveyor belt (Heat resistant temp until 800c)
Endless belts
Conveyor roller, idler
Conveyor Pulley, frame, bracket etc

Index Description

Strength between layers

Cover layer and fabric layer

Thickness of cover layer≤1.5mm

Thickness of cover layer >1.5mm

Sample average value