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EP rubber conveyor belt
Dec 09, 2016

EP rubber conveyor belt

EP rubber conveyor belt product details   

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Details of EP rubber conveyor belt

1.Plies: 3-10ply

2: Width: 400-3000mm

3.Thickness: 3-30mm

4.Tensile strength: 9-25MPA

5.Quality control: ISO9001: 2008, bv

6. High-performance characteristic: resistance to abrasion

Rubber conveyor belt used for transferring nubbly, grainy, and farinose things at a high speed in a middle and long distance with higher load.

According to the performance of covered-colloid products can be classified into designated crack-resistant, designated wear-resistant, general, and resistance to acid-base, and anti-burning.

Polyester rubber conveyor belt used by the multi-layer polyester (or to the polyester, polyester weft for amine) bond canvas with a certain way, up and down the high-strength plastic cover, good wear-resistant flexible rubber.

Rubber conveyor belt uses polyester canvas as carcass, its structure is the same as general conveyor belt.

GB/T7984-2001, DIN22102, BS490, AS1332, RMA, JISK6322, SABS1173 etc.

Besides General EP rubber conveyor Belt, there are Fire-retardant type, Cold-resistant type, Wear-resistant type, Heat-resistant type, Acid and alkaline resistant type, Oil-resistant type, Antistatic electricity type, High-grade type and etc.

Ep80 Ep100 Ep125 Ep200 Ep250 Ep300 Ep400 Ep500 Ep600

The physical and mechanical properties of EP conveyer belt are as following:
1. The physical and mechanical properties of covering layer: please refer to the physical and mechanical properties of the common conveyer belt.
2. Tensile property of through thickness:
a. The longitudinal tensile strength is not lower than the following nominal value:
315 400 500 600 630 800 900 1000N/mm
b. The through thickness elongation rate of the belt should not less than rate of trough thickness of the belt should no more than 4%.
c. Straightness: no more than 25mm.