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Iran customer asked for conveyor pulley products.
Sep 20, 2018
pulley 1.jpg

We got an inquiry from Iran customer. He asked us for conveyor pulley advantage. and they want to choose suitable type for their conveyor machine. So let us explain to him and reader that What are the advantages?

The structure of the conveyor pulley is very simple, the space occupied is very small, and it is suitable for workplaces with large dust concentration and wet and muddy, because the conveyor pulley is well sealed, and at the same time meets all kinds of reverse, braking, and adhesive requirements. The conveyor pulleys can also replace the reducer type external drive device in the motor, thus forming a belt conveyor, transporting some hemp bags, equipment and other items.  It is also possible to transport bulk materials such as sand, cement, flour coal, ore, and other bulk materials.

After discussed with our iran customer, they had known that what type is suitable for them for choose. We enclused our quotaiton by email for reference. Hope we can have a good beginning for cooperation.