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ISO standard conveyor belt for mining coal
Dec 24, 2016


ISO standard conveyor belt for mining coal

Mining Coal Conveyor Belt Product Description

Name:Rubber Coal Mining Conveyor Belt;
Coal Mining Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt
Coal Mining Conveyor Belt Application:
coal mining, metallurgy, port, harbor, , power, chemical, construction, quarry for material handling.
It is suitable for conveying in normal temperature various non- corrosive pointless lumps, granular or powders such as aggregate, coal, foundry, grains, hard rock, wood prodcts, sand, coke cement in bulk or packaged produts etc.

Shunda Brand Conveyor belts Specification:
Conventional coal conveyor belt, generally used for power, grain and block material.
1) Structure: top cover rubber, bottom cover rubber, carcass, skim coat;
Coal Mining Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt
2) Carcass: Nylon, Cotton, EP, EE;

3) Nylon conveyor belt, Fabric code: NN100, NN125, NN150, NN200, NN250, NN300, NN400;

4) Tensile strength: 10Mpa, 12Mpa, 15Mpa, 17Mpa, 18Mpa, 20Mpa, 24Mpa;

5) No.s of ply: 2~10;

6) Width Range: 300-1600mm;

7) Length: 20m- 1000m/Roll;

8)Package:  PP bag packed all side, rubber core/steel pipe inside.

9) Delivery Detail: about 20 days working day once ordered.


Coal Mining Conveyor Belt Character:
1. Good troughability
2. High tensile strength
3. Good flexing capacity
4. It is suitable for conveying in normal temperature various Non-corrosive pointless lumps, granular or powders such as Coal, coke, sand and cement in bulk or packaged products.
5. Our products are high cost-efficiency.

1) Is the sample available?
    Yes, the sample are available for you to test the quality. If we have samples in warehous.

2) The delivery date?
    Normally, the delivery date is 20~30 days.

3) Any quality control?
    We have SGS Certificaiton, ISO9000 Certification, and QC system to test and control the quality.

4) Warranty
    There's a six-month warranty for our products.

5) Standard: DIN, RMA, AS, SANS, ISO, JIS etc.