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Large Angle Sidewall Conveyor Belt Damage
Jul 18, 2016

Conveyor belt use there are certain deadlines, long-term use or improper use can cause damage to conveyor belts, now summarized in part because, for reference.
1. baffle not long enough due to baffle length should be adjusted down, until the item on the conveyor belt and stable so far.
2. the skirt open due to inappropriate. Skirts up should be the width of conveyor belt 2/3-3/4, materials should be narrower. Skirt the best fan-shaped (opening direction), and adjust the opening size.
3. conveyor belt and baffle spacing is not appropriate. Side conveyor belt running direction bezel is touched with the conveyor belt, and then slowly increase the interval to the appropriate location, in order to reduce the wear on the conveyor belt the bezel.
4. feed direction is not right, the material falls with the conveyor belt in the direction of run direction, thus resulting in lateral force, making conveying belt deviation or wear, adjust the direction of blanking.
5. the bezel material is inappropriate. Retaining plate, excellent, or using old conveyor belts and canvas show, resulting in direct contact with the belt, should select the appropriate rubber bezel.
6. material the blanking-angle and drop caused by inappropriate. Angle should be reduced, the material falls on the conveyor belt does not bounce. Drop big conveyor belt is very big impact, measures should be taken to reduce the feeding speed
7. material blanking speed caused by wrong, due to the blanking of material speed and speed of the conveyor belt is not well adjusted, the material falls on the conveyor belt of the moment slip, which when worn cover rubber and blanking speed to be adjusted to make it consistent with the speed of the conveyor.
8. the roller sticks has, does not rotate or not adjusting well, cover rubber wear, should take the following several ways: installation cleaning, cleaning conveyor belts, installed on the return roller Eraser sets, repair or replacement return rollers.