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Material Handling Conveyor Roller, Conveyor Roller
Feb 06, 2017

Material Handling Conveyor Roller, Conveyor Roller

Material handling roller Conveyor Roller details:
1. Brand: SHUNDA
2. Roller Diameter: 60mm-219mm.
3. Roller Length: 180mm to 3500mm.
4. Roller tube: Q235 carbon steel.
5. Shaft: Cold drawing round steel
6. Bearing: Deep groove ball bearing
7. Bearing clearance: C3 or C4
8. Bearing brand: SKF, NSK,FAG, HRB, LYC, ZWZ etc.
9. Material handling roller Seals: Non-contact labyrinth seal  
10.  Lift time: 50000hours
11.  Production capacity: 600pcs/day.
12. Finish: painting/rubber/disc/comb/ screw/galvanized.
13. Welding: Automatic CO2 gas shielding welding.
15. Package: standard plywood cases or iron cage with protective bubble film

Material handling roller Material
Material handling roller-pipe 

--High-frequency welded roller exclusive steel pipe

--High precision and quality;

--Provided by industry well-known manufacturers

--Even thickness, good roundness, low runout

--Good dynamic and static balance performance

Material handling roller-Shaft

 --Precise machining equipment and strict processing technology;

 --The tolerance and the parameters of the shaft are higher than the national standard (GB/T 3078-1994);

 --The bare pull shaft with good rigidity and corrosion resistance;

 --Increased roller axis hardness extended the service life

Bearing seat

-- Material: cold rolled strip steel with good quality;
-- Processing: many times of stamping and forming,  processing the end surface and the ex-circle simultaneously;
-- Surface treatment: Degreasing and phosphating
--  Features: even thickness, good strength, high size precision; ensuring the concentricity and flexible rotation of the two ends of the roller

Material handling roller Roller-bearing

--  High quality deep grooved ball bearing with clearance of level C3 or C4.
--  Put Long-term lithium grease is put into the internal space, accounting 1/2~2/3 of the total space to effectively ensure the service life of the bearing.

Material handling roller- seal assembly

--Non-contact labyrinth seal composed of internal and external parts;
-- Filling with high quality lithium grease to prevent the lubricating oil from oxidation loss;
--  Good dustproof and waterproof performance;
--  PA/ABS material has good stability, corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate and low possibility of deformation. 

Performance Test
1.   Rotating resistance

How to test

Run the roller for 20 min at 1450r/min, then run for 10 min at 600r/min under 250N radial load to test rotating resistance

2.   Radial runout 

How to test

Rotate the roller for one round and measure the radial runout at three axial positions then consider the Maximum value.

3.   Axial movement 

How to test

Impose 500N axial load to the end of shaft after roller assembly. 

4.   Water-proof&dust-proof

How to test

Install the roller in the testing device with dust and pouring water, run the roller by the motor  at the speed of  600r/min.