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Molded Edge, Cut Edge Flat Transmission Rubber Conveyor Belt
Mar 31, 2017

Molded Edge, Cut Edge Flat Transmission Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber flat conveyor belt Product Description

Rubber flat conveyor belt is a common flat rubber belt,usually uses high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers. 

Rubber flat conveyor belt characteristics:

The flat rubber belt has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility and small elongation.

Innovative design, adopting advance rubber compound with good adhesion at opposite joint of surface fabric with fillet, delaminating will not occur during operation.

Adopting high quality pure cotton canvass, the duck plies have good endurance and will not easily deform.

Rubber flat conveyor belt Application:

It is mainly used in factories, mines, docks, metallurgical industry, ordinary mechanical power transmission, great power processing of grains like rice and wheat, irrigation equipment, wood cutting and other power transmitting equipment for industry and agriculture.

Used to transmit momentum and promote the materials, apply to engine, air-blower, lifting machine and water pump, etc. 
Molded Edge, Cut Edge Flat Transmission Rubber Conveyor Belt

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