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Oil-resistant flame retardant rubber conveyor belts are very popular.
Oct 11, 2018
Oil-resistant flame retardant rubber conveyor belts are very popular

We got an inquiry with oil resistant rubber conveyor belts, customer asked us more information for this product. Now, let me introduce you to know shunda company products as below :

In recent years, China's economy has developed repidly, especially with the repidly, especially with the repid development of the dock, food and other industries, the oil resistant flame retardant conveyor belt has played an increasingly important role in the transmission of grain and oil and other and other special materials.

Due to the particularity of transporting materials, materials are not only oily but also very flammable. However, at present, oil-resistant and non-flammable rubber tape products in China are still a blank, and most of them are still adopting a single standard. Some only have oil resistance but do not meet the National requirements for safe production, and some only have flame retardant requirements. However, when the oil of the material infiltrates into the belt adhesive, oil absorption expansion and fall off will occur. Therefore, the short service life of the conveyor belt used under such conditions is basically a problem. 


In order to solve the shortage of existing technology in the industry, Shunda company can effectively achieve the oil-resistant and high-flame retardant properties of products through a new series of oil-resistant flame retardant conveyor belts. Its structure is mainly composed of upper and lower cover rubber, adhesive intermediate glue, and high-strength steel cord or fabric material skeleton layer. 

Finally, the finished semi-finished product is thermally vulcanized on a flat plate vulcanizer under constant tension conditions, and the finished product of the oil-resistant flame retardant rubber conveyor belt required by the user is obtained after cooling, removing the rubber edges, and rewinding.


The unique design method for improving flame retardation, improving adhesion of chlorinated polyethylene, and improving dispersion of transport belts with excellent oil resistance, chloroprene rubber with excellent flame retardant performance, and compound flame retardant. The overall performance of the belt itself can be improved by many times, which fully satisfies the transportation needs of the conveyor equipment for special materials, and is deeply favored by users.