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Switzerland Customer's Order -- Patterned Rib Conveyor Belt
Oct 15, 2018

Switzerland customer's order -- Patterned rib conveyor belt

Thanks for the customer's trust. We supply patterned rib conveyor belt more than 20years. We have more than 120 types of mouds for production.

Let us introduce our patterned conveyor belts as below for clients :

This type of rubber conveyor belts are covering rubber with a pattern V or Y on the work surface and the overlay rubber with a non working surface and in clined conveyor belt with a core. It will be transport angle from 18 to 30 degree. If the angle less than 18℃, We advise client to choose flat conveyor belt, if the transport angle is between 30-90degree, we advise you to choose sidewall conveyor belts. Customer can choose chevron type for belt conveyors. Shunda company will supply high quality belts with best price for customers.