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Polyester Conveyor Belt
Jul 18, 2016

Polyester fiber
Polyester fiber, United States, commonly known as nylon, commercial polyester fiber in China, basic properties are as follows:
(1) slightly lower than polyester, wet and dry condition equal higher impact strength than polyamide fibers 4 times;
(2) elastic high rebound rate of 100%, the best wrinkle resistance, good fatigue resistance;
(3) heat resistance and high stability, heat resistance good resistance and stability of polyester fiber, 150 ° c hot air heating for 16 hours, loss of strength only 15%-30% heat 1000 hours of strength loss of 50%, and fiber in this condition after 200-300 hours to decompose;
(4) wear resistant, second only to cotton fibre;
(5) the density and humidity rate, density is higher than that of other synthetic fibres, because the polyester chains isn't hydrophilic molecular end groups only a small amount of moisture absorption capacity, so the wet rate is extremely low;
(6) chemical stability, polyester alkali no alkali, under certain temperature conditions, amine degradation effect;
(7) light resistance, polyester resistant to sunlight strength retention for 30%-40%.