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Polyester V Shape Chevron Pattern Rubber Conveyor Belt (B400_B1600)
Apr 13, 2017

Polyester V Shape Chevron Pattern Rubber Conveyor Belt (B400_B1600)

Product Description

Shunda Chevron Pattern V Cleat Conveyor Belt Competitive Advantage 

Plies: 1-10ply

width (BW): 400-1600mm

Thickness: 4-30mm

Pattern pitch(CW):125mm-500mm

Type: Open V close V, Ltype, H type, Utype, multi-Vtype, etc.

Height of pattern(CH): 5 mm, 10mm, 15mm, 17mm, 25mm, 32mm.

Pattern can be designed according to the customers' requirement.

Abrasion resistant & High Tensile Strength

ISO9001:2008, SGS ,Bureau Veritas Certificate. 

More Than 21 years professional experience.(Since 1982)

International Standard:  DIN, BS, AS, RMA, AS, JISK, SABS etc

Features :
1. Can carry loose materials at angle of 17-18 and bagged material at 30-35
2. Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers
3. Cleats and the top cover rubber are mono block molding for strength

Rubber pattern conveyor belt Application:
There are open type and closed type, suitable for bulk or bagged materials such as powder and granule with incline less than 45 C.

Rubber pattern conveyor belt are used primarily when the angle of incline becomes too steep for a smooth conventional conveyor belt. The belt is fitted with integrally moulded cleats which prevent the material from sliding backwards as would be the case with a smooth surface belt. Different cleat designs allow the carrying of many types of material, from bulk solids to unit loads.

Technical Data of Rubber Cover:
ensile Strength: ≥10Mpa
Elongation at Break: ≥350%
Adhesive strength between carcass: ≥6.0N/mm
Adhesive strength between cover and carcass: ≥3.0N/mm
Elasticity: ≥32%
Abrasion: ≤200mm3

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