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Profesional industrail EP/NN/CC Heat Resistant /High Temperature Conveyor Belt
Mar 29, 2017

Profesional industrail EP/NN/CC Heat Resistant /High Temperature Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt For High Temperature Applications 

 If your conveying environment is exposed to extremes of temperature, chances are we have the right material for your application.

High temperature conveyor belt can be used in many different applications that have operating temperatures from -100°C to +500°C .  Whether you are looking for an aggressive cover with high grip properties or a super smooth material with excellent release,


With regard to the application and heat resistance properties there are four types of high temperature conveyor belts available:







Test Temperature





Change range allowed


Difference before and after aging(IRHD)




Maximum value after aging(IRHD)


Tensile Strength

Change rate after aging/%





Minimum value after aging/MPa





Breaking Elongation

Change rate after aging/%



Minimum value after aging/%



The construction of High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt:

 - two- or multi-ply EP carcass (warp polyester + weft polyamide)

 - rugged intermediate layer (skimmed layer)

 - special heat resistant cover quality

 - 300mm - 2000mm flame retardant conveyor belting width, or wider based on the needs of the client.


High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt benifits

 - resistant to ambient temperature and temperature of the conveyed goods

 - limited and minimised cover ageing

 - high adhesion strength rubber belt

 - high cost-efficiency due to low maintenance and operational expenses

 - low cost endless splicing by hot curing, cold treatment or mechanical clamping

 - low elongation at reference load

 - manufacture according to GB/T20021- 2005

 - improved weathering and rotting resistance

 - moulded rubber edge


Why choose SHUNDA Company?

  • A leading supplier/manufacturer of heat resistant belt in China

  • Solutions specifically designed to prevent fire from spreading over entire belt

  • Belts backed by fire retardant properties

  • Flame retardant conveyor belt meeting various testing standards according to ISO like flame test, electrical resistance test, drum friction test

  • Heat resistant conveyor belts are perfect for preventing fire risks in coal mines

  • Belts designed to reduce maintenance requirements of conveyors that are prone to damages by flame at blast furnaces

  • Belts finding suitability in areas like mining industry, thermal power plants, coal cleaning plants and others

Just let me know your detailed inquiry about our heat resistant conveyor belt, then we can execute deliveries of our products with fastest and in safest mode, and provide you best service and meet your requirement.


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