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Rubber EP conveyor belts for belt conveyor system
Nov 24, 2016

Rubber EP conveyor belts for belt conveyor system

Product Description
    EP conveyor belts uses polyester canvas as carcass with certain top and cover rubber.
    The belt body is light and thin, with characteristics of high tensile strength, moisture resistant, fatigue resistant, impact reistant, excellent trough ability, low elongation, good thermal stability etc, becoming the developing trend of textile conveyor belt. 
    Due to excellent performence, EP conveyor belt is widely used in harsh condition of long-distance, heavy-load, high-chemical corrosive etc, especially in humid conditions.

In addition to general use conveyor belt, we also have oil-resistant conveyor belt, acid/alkali conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, anti-static electricity conveyor belt, etc.

Polyester conveyor belt
Brief introductions:
Polyester conveyor belts also called EP conveyor belts, whose tension resistant body is canvas woven  by polyester in warp and polyamine
 in weft. The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good water resistance, good wet stre-
ngth. It is suitable for medium, long distance and heavy-load transportation of materials. Because of the high initial modulus of polyester,
the belts can choose a relative low safety factor.

EP Conveyor belts features:
The features of  Polyester conveyor belt:
1. High strength, thin belt body, light weight
2. Framework material is EP rubber canvas 
3. Soft body, good trough-ability, good elasticity
4. Good shock resistance, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance
5. Adapt to the large capacity, fast speed and the medium-long distance transportation of materials
6. Smooth operation, never lock

It is suitable for delivering material in medium-long distance, high capacity, high speed. Polyester conveyor belt (EP conveyor belts) is widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electric
power, chemical industry .

GB/T7984-2001, DIN22102,BS490, AS1332, RMA,JISK6322, SABS1173 etc.