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Shipping For Conveyor Belt
Jul 18, 2016

Product installation:
When using a crane handling conveyor belt, preferably using ropes and lifting of steel bar.
First took a steel rod through the pivot hole and both ends of the rope with the pole to hang a steel bar will be lifted.
When lifting, pay attention not to make rope damage.
In the case of no steel rods and Struts, a fabric that has sufficient strength can also be lifting rope through the pivot hole.
But in rope and contacted local should pad object to prevent rope edge.
Lifting slings must not be inserted with a volume, on the ropes around the coil may not be lifting, prevent the coil from side slips.
Can also be used has sufficient load capacity forklift moving cranes, but not with the outer ring damage.
Transport and storage during transport and storage attention must not come into contact with pollutants such as acid, alkali, oil, water and away from the heat source; avoid prolonged direct sunlight and rain leaching leaching; storage storehouse temperature should be kept at between-15 ° c to + 40 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained between 50-80%.
Transport and storage in the process not to squeeze.