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Shunda Brand Conveyor drum pulley advantages
Sep 13, 2018

Shunda Brand conveyor drum pulley advantages:

1.Middle and heavy pulleys will be inspected with static analysis and Three-dimension finite element analysis software, which strictly ensure the quality;

2.the material for shell is 16Mn of more superior performance instead of Q235, which ensures shell quality and performance, whose content of S and P ensures welding quality;

3.the material for shaft is forged shaft of 40Cr instead of #45 round steel,which improves mechanical property;

4.the bearing block and taper-lock are ground, which ensure the installation precision;

5.the welding line and shaft are inspected by NDT and the shaft will be tested three times, which can ensure the quality of shaft and welding line;

6.stress annealing will be done after welding with CO2 gas shielded arc-welding machine, which can ensure the quality of welding line;

7.the contact-sealing is adopted, which enjoys more superior dustproof and waterproof;

8.Static balance test will be done for pulleys according to GB10595-2009, which reaches the precision class of G40.