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The Characteristics Of The Conveyor Pulley And The Basic Maintenance Methods
Jun 27, 2017

The characteristics of the Conveyor Pulley and the basic maintenance methods
Now all walks of life are using Conveyor Pulleys, as a kind of carrying material transport products, it has a different material, made for different products, and different types of Conveyor Pulleys in various fields, including chemical, steel, Cement, coking and related industries. The Conveyor Pulley is mainly for the high temperature of the special areas, and the product is also carrying high temperature and other characteristics. Here we have a simple look at the conveyor belt on the product characteristics and basic maintenance methods and other information.
First, the conveyor belt product features
1, this type of Conveyor Pulley and ordinary Conveyor Pulley, it uses a multi-layer rubber cotton canvas for production and processing production, whether above or below, are covered with high temperature or heat-resistant rubber, through a special process technology and curing adhesive Together, suitable for conveying different temperature standards of hot coke, cement, slag and hot castings, etc., but usually the temperature of the pulley to be maintained at less than 240 degrees Celsius.
2, Ⅰ type Conveyor Pulley is more common, these products can not be greater than 100 degrees Celsius test temperature, and the highest short operating temperature reached 150 degrees Celsius.
3, Ⅱ type Conveyor Pulley for some special circumstances, usually can not carry more than 125 ℃ test temperature, the highest short-term operation, can carry the temperature standard reached 170 ℃
4, Ⅲ type Conveyor Pulleys mainly for some exclusive areas, such products can carry no more than 150 ℃ test temperature, in the highest short-term operation of the process which can withstand the temperature reached 200 ℃ such a standard.
5, Ⅳ type Conveyor Pulley generally in the designated areas which played a key role, it can carry no more than 175 ℃ test temperature, in the highest short-term operation of the process, can withstand the temperature reached 400 ℃, the absolute high temperature Transport products.
6, V-type pulley can be said that all types of which can withstand the most powerful high-temperature standards, we can find such products can withstand the test temperature is equal to or not more than 240 ℃ standard, and the highest short-term operation Among them, the temperature target achievable is 600 ° C.
7, different Conveyor Pulley products selected EPDM rubber for the cover and the skeleton of the production and processing, and the use of high-quality high-temperature canvas combined with a unique unique formula design, such a Conveyor Pulley not only solve the ethylene-propylene rubber saturation High degree of adhesion and poor adhesion problems, more for the low adhesion between the layers of the key issues to solve the problem, making the whole transmission more efficient, conveyor belt life is very long, is the ordinary Conveyor Pulley 2-4 times , The overall heat resistance is very good, and at this stage in a number of areas play a key role.
Second, the basic maintenance of the Conveyor Pulley
1, Conveyor Pulley in the use and preservation process, to avoid and sunshine, rain and snow in direct contact, and more can not and acid, oil and organic solvents and other substances placed together, and produce direct contact, as far as possible and heat Keep the distance above 1 meter.
2, in the preservation process, the Conveyor Pulley should be placed into a roll, can not be folded, if not used for a long time or sold out, it is recommended that the best flip every quarter. The temperature and humidity of the warehouse for the storage of such Conveyor Pulleys should be within the specified range.
3, different types of Conveyor Pulleys in the placement process which should be classified management, more can not be used together, in the connection must be selected to meet the requirements of the street, and the use of bonding method.
4, for different areas in the choice of Conveyor Pulley, from the type to the structure, from the number of layers to the specifications should be combined with the user and the field operating conditions to make a reasonable choice.