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The Use Of Conveyor Belts
Jul 18, 2016

Product use
1. in use, is strictly prohibited in different categories, different sizes of belts, are connected together.
2. pressure in use to prevent folding, hard objects. Must be volume use and care.
3. transport materials and items falling speed and tape speed and direction are well aligned.
4. use General empty before starting to prevent electrical overload and conveyor belt slipping, and downtime before, all the material of the tape should be unloaded out.
5. use tension should not be too large, and roll without skidding, and item under the premise of no transition, guaranteed to work under minimal tension.
6. not in conveying belt deviation or snake run, should be adjusted.
7. in use appear to slip or not, should be timely troubleshooting, adjusting the tensioning system, keep the take-up of flexible.