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Wear Of Conveyor Belt
Jul 18, 2016

Above the wear of conveyor running normally constitute a serious threat, but only because the local strength of the conveyor belt lowering wear to replace it, the running costs will be greatly improved, so in actual operation, apply the following measures for partial repair.

1) local vulcanization vulcanization machine for thermal curing, wear parts for joints using heat curing technology to restore performance of the conveyor belt, the result is better. Drawback is human and material resources into the larger, longer time, suitable for less than the local press surface area, it is very difficult for treatment of large area wear.

2) after local cold vulcanization technology of wear parts polishing treatment, cold Vulcanized rubber wear after blending evenly in proportion to the tape surface, can restore the conveyor belt. But a longer curing time, curing at room temperature is about 10~24h, surface treatment are not smooth, Sweeper project after cleaning well.

3) partial cold bonding technology

Germany based PuTuo company patch (vertical gap). Advantages of manpower and material resources into fewer, have better wear resistance and reinforcement properties, shorter recovery time disadvantage is the high requirements on the environment, cannot revert back to the original surface of the conveyor belt level requirements, sweepers to clean well. But for high-efficiency equipment, application of adhesive technology to effectively relieve the pressure limitations of sulfide.

4) spray technology

Using special equipment for spray polyurea elastomer (PUZPUA) technology, is a new type of solvent-free, pollution-free green construction technology. The technology will be 2 kinds of special equipment for mixing of liquid materials, high pressure spray to the surface of the conveyor belt wear, according to the required thickness, forming a wear-resistant layer, suitable for even large local wear, very good results can be achieved. Advantages are:
① Quick curing, 5s gel, no sagging, 1min strength can be reached on foot;
II construction of thickness can range from hundreds of m to a couple of em;
③ excellent physical and chemical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc;
④ formula system arbitrary adjustable, feel the soft rubber (Shao A30) to hard elastomer (Shao D65);
⑤ easy construction and extremely high efficiency. Disadvantage is the need for special equipment to use, coordination difficulties.