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We got an order of Conveyor impact idler roller
Oct 20, 2018

Conveyor Impact idler is the popular star product in our factory. We got an order from Egypt customer, and PO amount is USD14000.00,including conveyor steel idler roller and impact idler roller for their conveyor machines. Let me guide you to know more about conveyor impact idler roller :

1. The belt conveyor width of 500MM-1400mm of roller diameters: φ 89mm, φ 108mm, φ 133mm, and φ 159mm.

2. Conveyor idler roller has advantage of special polymer material, light weight, specific gravity is one-seventh of the steel, the surface of roller are made of this material, weight is about one-half of the ordinary roller accessories, rotation inertia is small. Between the roller and the belt The friction is small and the friction between the effective reduction. Narrowing the pitch of the impact roller can reduce the simulated friction coefficient, but the total resistance will increase. Do not increase the density of the roller in the general load section except for the protection tape at the unloading point. In additional, the impact roller rubber ring is resistant to wear and has a long service life. The special polymer material of roller body, has good wear resistance, and has good self-lubrication performance, and does not hurt the belt. There are also many type parts of impact roller, such as spring boards, strong buffers, and so on. That will be help you to choose the right one. When choosing a roller, pay attention to the radial jump momentum of the roller, the flexibility of the roller, and the axial driving momentum. In places where the material drop is more than six meters, we must use a impact idler roller. This will not only effectively reduce the impact and wear of the belt material, but also prevent the belt from being torn by hard objects.