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Why The Conveyor Idlers Are Easy To Damange
Dec 03, 2018

The large number and variety of conveyor idlers accessories is an important part of the roller, and it is also the key to ensure the performance of the roller. In particular, the bearing in the roller accessories has a direct relationship with the life of the roller. The following is a simple analysis of the reasons for its vulnerability.

First, the material of the bearing does not meet the standards, and it is easy to be eroded during the use process and cause early scrapping.

Second, the installation of bearings is also one of the reasons for easy damage. The reasonable installation is related to the operation and life, and the pressure control of the installation can also reduce the wear of the bearings.

Third, the bearings are not cleaned or the equipment is not dried. The bearings are not demagnetized and are very easy to absorb dust. This is extremely unfavorable for their use because water and dust are easily eroded and damaged.

Therefore, when choosing the bearings of the roller accessories, you must turn off the quality.

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